//Chic Guide to Layering Jewelry

Chic Guide to Layering Jewelry

Hello girls, looking for unexpected jewelry mix and layering? You have come to the right place. Layering and mixing jewelry can be simple yet fabulous or either mixing up a little fun with to create your unique style. Here’s the tips:

  1. Wear dainty jewelry piece with silver easy simple togo pieces layering together. You can make a statement on a simple fine day.
  2. Use multiple sterling silver necklace or bracelet to break up a solid color top. Color blocking can be fun.
  3. Throw yourself a hand party with multiple and layering size of rings in the same style ( either crystal or stone rings ) plus with whole silver rings
  4. Mix yourself with feminine and masculine jewelry  layering altogether to create eccentric look
  5. Gems, metals, leathers, tassels: When in doubt, wear all your favorite pieces at once to create a unique look that’s totally personalized. When it comes to mixing and layering materials just do it!


Credit: Cosmopolitan

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