//How gemstones become an energy jewelry?

How gemstones become an energy jewelry?

KEEP CALM AND WEAR GEMSTONE JEWELRY. We highly recommend for those who want to reboot your energy level in a cool way. Since for thousands of years, an ancient civilizations have utilized the power of gemstone jewelries to boost the energy. We have some energy gemstones for you to initiate your perfect gift’s idea.



  • Onyx : When you’re feeling down and want to get rid of negative energy, let Onyx heal you with positivity and high hope energy.


  • Malachite : When you need a hero, wear Malachite to innate power and protect you from any negative energy.


  • Carnelian : Good news for the first jobbers and those who lack of confidence, the energy of carnelian motivates a rush of confident and positive luck.
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  • Turquoise : The power of Turquoise provides you a path to open communication from the heart and also strengthen the mind and body to create a life-affirming vibes.

Each gemstones jewelry have their story according to the mentioned article, so..after finding the gemstone which is right for you, create your own gemstones in various style of jewelry at SIAM ORIGINAL. Get the idea of your stone collection : https://www.siamoriginal.com/jewelry-guide/color-selections/gemstones/

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